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Master storytelling delivers powerful visitor experiences.

The Q Media Difference

Our team, our ideas, our process, our leadership.
The difference is us.

Experience Design

You tell us your vision. Then, with our extensive background to draw on, we choose the best tools to tell your story.

Through a collaborative and thoughtful design process, we decide on the right media and the right technology, all at the right price.

Creative Direction

Stories you take with you isn’t about hardware. It’s about heart.

Together, our collaborative creative process allows us to discover the right story and tell it the right way so that it stays with your visitors long after they’ve returned home.

Project Management

We champion your story and vision. We are stewards of your time and money.

We ensure the components move at the right pace, deadlines are met, and your project delivers on time and within budget.


Your story, mobile and modern

Contemporary Storytelling

“Contemporary” doesn’t mean we change the fundamentals of storytelling. Words, sounds, and images remain the foundation. We start there, and with your goals in mind, we build from the ground up.

Q Media expertly uses audio, video, images, augmented reality, virtual reality, games—and whatever comes next—to create a comprehensive whole, and ultimately, rich emotional connections.


Your story, without barriers

Providing accessibility isn’t about shining a spotlight on a disability. It’s about removing obstacles between your stories and your visitors. It’s about people, not limitations.

Your visitors, regardless of disability, come for the same reason as everyone else. We are human. We all want emotional connection.

Audio Description

Audio description adds the missing visual element. Q Media’s certified audio describers fill in the blanks and enable the person to see the film, the sculpture, the architecture, the world—through words instead of pictures.

American Sign Language

Sign language is above all, a language. Q Media’s ASL production provides access to the emotional intent of your story: hope, faith, love, loss, joy, fear, and all those things that bind us together as humans.


Your story, without borders

Cross-Cultural Communication

Multi-language is about more than translating words, understanding idioms, and converting measurements. It’s connecting with someone who may not share your perspective or culture but still wants to know who you are. Q Media’s translations form a bridge between your story and the heart of your visitors, no matter which language they speak.

Other Services

Your story, without limits

Games, Interactives, Education, and Other Experiences

Q Media is committed to staying on top of the latest developments in production, media, and technology. We engage with peers, researchers, and vendors to educate ourselves so we can provide our clients with forward thinking experiences. From GPS to beacons, from games to virtual reality and beyond, we combine our mobile expertise with the latest tools to take you and your visitors into the future.

Whatever is cutting edge or coming next, we’ll know what it is.

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