• A wooden and fabric biplane sits in a large curved hall with floor to ceiling windows. Around the model is a waist-high railing which has informational panels attached.

    A full-scale model of the Wright Flyer.

  • A view of large informational panels located in a wooden paneled room.

    Some of the panel exhibits.

  • Four people stand together smiling at the camera. One is a middle-aged man, the others are women. One of the women has a cane since she's blind. One woman is an NPS Park Ranger.

    Representatives from Formations, Q Media and NPS who contributed to the Wright Brothers audio tour.

  • A close-up of a information panel showing a graphic of the dolly used under the Flyer to run it down the launch rail with the Braille translation underneath.

    A close-up of Braille on an information panel attached to the railing around the Wright Flyer.

Wright Brothers National Monument

Visitor Center Audio Described Tour

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Script Development

Type of Technology

Audio Guides (auto-trigger)

Project Description

In October of 2018 the National Park Service reopened the National Historic Landmark visitor center at Wright Brothers National Memorial after extensive renovation. As the NPS is fully committed to accessibility, audio description was a key component of the visitor experience. As part of the Formations, Inc. team, Q Media developed, wrote and produced audio description of the center’s new exhibits including the reproduction 1903 Wright Flyer, tactile scale model, and 16’x9’ video wall.

The 90-minute AD tour focuses on the museum’s interior exhibits while incorporating the view of the historic flight line visible just outside of the visitor center’s floor to ceiling windows. The auto-triggered tour (via IR) includes navigation and wayfinding, synchronized film description, and a layered approach to exhibit content and panel text. Project included on-site script review by QM’s visually impaired associate.

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