• A close up of a road sigh with multiple signs with a cloudless blue sky in the background. The sign lets the viewer know they are on the Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway and America's Byway System.

    A sign post designating you're on the Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway.

  • A man in a blue button down shirt and baseball cap sits at a desk in a wood paneled room with a microphone in front of him.

    One of the subject matter experts being field interviewed for the Barton County audio tour.

  • White Pelicans flock together on a large body of water just offshore. Small hills can be seen across the water on the far shore.

    White Pelicans flock together near the shore of Cheyenne Bottoms.

  • A large gray rectangular metal building with a round silo at one end sit alone in a field of golden wheat under a cloudless blue sky.

    A wheat barn along the Scenic Byway,

America’s Byways: Barton County

Common Ground: The Kansas Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development

Type of Technology

Audio CD

Awards Received

  • 1st place for Planning and Development by the National Scenic Byway Program (as part of the Fermata, Inc. production team)

Project Description

This 75 minute audio tour was developed to be listened to as one drives from point to point along a 77 mile scenic byway in the heart of Kansas. From farming to land conservation, from oil wells to wildlife refuges, from hunting and fishing havens to a birding paradise, the tour knits together the “common ground” that binds this diverse community together: the love of the land. It includes a primary narrator combined with interviews of numerous, local subject matter experts.

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