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Texas Historical Commission

Texas Time Travel Tours

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Project Management, Script Development

Type of Technology

Smartphone App

Project Description

7 Tours Completed:

  • Red River War
  • African Americans in Texas
  • Hispanic Heritage in Texas
  • World War Two in Texas
  • Town Square Walk Around
  • La Salle Odyssey
  • Historic Bankhead Highway

This app helps you navigate the historical, cultural, and natural treasures that make Texas unique. Travel back in time and enrich your life through history as you visit such destinations as historic courthouses, Spanish Colonial missions, and frontier forts. Savor Texas’ cultural diversity through food, art, and neighborhoods. Walk in the footsteps of those who fought on Texas soil over disputes of land, settlement, and independence. Learn how World War II brought internment and POW camps and large military training efforts to the home front, while creating heroes from every corner of the state. Follow historic highways or the fate of shipwrecks and more through these exciting mobile tours.

Note: Hecho A Mano produced the audio and video portions of the tours.

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