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Morikami: Museum and Japanese Gardens

Roji-en The Garden of the Drops of Dew

Type of Tour

Interpretive, Multi-language

Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development, Translation

Type of Technology

Audio Guides

Project Description

The Roji-en audio tour was designed to help any visitor have the experience they want in the garden. For the person seeking to simply experience the garden with only a little additional insight, a series of short, poetic tracks, enhanced with organic sound effects and authentic music, provide just enough information to help the western mind see the space in a “Japanese” way. For those who want more information on either the history of Japan or of Japanese garden design, additional detail layers are provided that include interviews with the museum’s curator and renowned garden designer. Fun facts are scattered throughout the tour for kids.

“We want to say a hearty, ‘Domo arigato, Thank you’ for the exceptional work Q Media Productions and staff did in creating an audio tour for The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.”

- Larry Rosensweig, Director, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

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