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Modernism Museum Mount Dora

From Wharton to Wendell and From Esherick to Nakashima Tours

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development

Type of Technology

Audio Guides

Project Description

Modernism Museum Mount Dora is “dedicated to showcasing the inspiration and design creativity in the largest collection known of Modernist art by some of the most iconic and influential masters of the craft.” As part of the museum’s inaugural show, Q Media crafted an aural visitor experience to match the collection’s aesthetic: beautiful, inspirational, and sensual. Like the artists whose work is on display, the tour reexamined traditional notions and asked the question, “why not?”

“Q Media provided excellent creative services to Modernism Museum Mount Dora, truly exceeding our expectations. Since we worked with them during the formative days of opening our facility, they became valuable collaborators in articulating the vision of the museum. The process was fun, informative, and exciting for everyone. The resulting audio tour has so beautifully enhanced and broadened our visitor’s experience of viewing the gallery. The works themselves speak volumes, yet visitors have commented that the audio portion gave even more life to the phenomenal collection, added depth to an already exciting exhibit and enriched their overall experience. It delivers big ideas in a way that informs and inspires our visitors—opening their minds to the imaginative possibilities of Modernism. We look forward to working with Q Media again on future exhibits.”

- Michele Giancola, Managing Director, Modernism Museum Mount Dora

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