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Kingsley Plantation

The Lion’s Storyteller

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Script Development

Type of Technology

Smartphone App, Apple iPod

Awards Received

  • 1st place in the Digital Media category by the National Association for Interpretation

Project Description

Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, FL has very challenging and complicated subject matter. (For example, the “mistress” of this planation was a free black woman, Anna Kingsley, who herself owned slaves as well as her own plantation.) The client’s goal, and our challenge, was to “bring silenced voices back to life” all while providing the listener with an accurate – though thoroughly unusual – understanding of this specific time and place. The one-hour tour includes primary narration and multiple character voices. The “characters” are composites, developed and based on known stories and facts of the actual men and women enslaved on the Kingsley Plantation.

“The Kingsley Plantation story is complex, compelling, and at many times difficult for the modern audience to understand. Stasha led the TIMU team to a fearless, fact-based, yet humanistic approach, and as a result, our tour brings to life actual men and women whose voices had been silenced by enslavement. . . . We are extremely happy and proud of the product they delivered. It is moving and gives visitors a sense of the pain and suffering as well as the overwhelming spirit of survival,held by by those people enslaved at Kingsley Plantation.”

- Brian Loadholtz, Department of Interior, National Park Service

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