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Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida

Permanent Collection and Holzer Letters Tours

Type of Tour

Interpretive, Multi-language

Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development, Translation

Type of Technology

Smartphone App, Apple iPod

Awards Received

  • SEMC 2015 Technology Silver Award

Project Description

This 45-minute mobile tour guides visitors through the past while bringing its lessons to the present. The exhibit begins with life before the rise of the Nazi Party and continues through the escalating persecution of Jews and the destruction of war, to the poignant moments of liberation and survival. It reveals the cruelty of the Holocaust, but also the resiliency of survivors and the moral courage of resistors and rescuers. Consisting of both narration and recorded interviews, the tour includes Tess Wise, one of the Center’s founders as well as a survivor; Nadav Weil, a 14-year old student of the school and living embodiment of the Center’s legacy; and Mitchell Bloomer, a teacher, storyteller, and witness for future generations. Available in English and Spanish.

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