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Fantasy of Flight

Fantasy of Flight Audio Experience

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development

Type of Technology

Audio CD, Audio Guides

Project Description

The Fantasy of Flight Audio Experience isn’t your average audio tour. Narrated by the collection’s owner, Kermit Weeks, this tour challenges the visitor to find deeper meaning in the stories behind each plane, pilot, and historic event. Told in layered vignettes, the visitor is repeatedly offered the opportunity to “go deeper,” to “find out what happened next,” and to “discover their own inner truth.” For example, in the Spitfire audio tour stop, a decorated WWII Royal Air Force pilot, Douglas Bader, refuses to allow other people to limit his ability to fight…despite the fact that he’d already lost both legs before the war. The question for the visitor: Who or what do you allow to limit you? In another, American pilot Butch O’Hare, in a Gumman Wildcat, single-handedly held off an enemy attack and saved the USS Lexington and her crew from certain destruction. The question: What will you do in a moment of decision?

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