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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Multimedia Tour

Type of Tour

Accessibility, Interpretive, Multi-language

Services Rendered

Consulting, Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development, Translation

Type of Technology

Downloadable Smart Phone App, Audio Guides, Multimedia Guide

Project Description

The first project developed after the close of the shuttle program, the new KSC audio tour was tasked with telling NASA and KSC’s story during a time of great transition and tremendous uncertainty. In 2012 Q Media produced Audacious Vision–a tour that not only tells the story of America’s impressive past, but also shows the listener NASA’s vision for the future. The elegant and aggressive tour includes narration, music and authentic historic audio recordings from NASA’s archives.

In 2016 Q Media Project Managed and provided Creative Direction to bring Audacious Vision into the 21st century with re-purposing the audio tour to now be hosted on a mobile media device with Augmented Reality, 360 photos, Beacon triggering, GPS triggering, Video, and more. The new tour is the most advanced mobile media tour in the world with all current tour technologies present to be a tour that reflects the high technology of NASA and America’s Space Program.

“In 2012 my predecessor hired Q Media to develop our new audio tour program which includes an interpretive audio tour in English plus 7 language translations (Spa, Ger, Fre, Ita, BPor, Jap, Chi), audio description, and ASL. This challenging project included outdoor locations, tour buses, and multiple large-scale museum installations. Over the years, due in large part to their excellent work and expertise, I continued working with Q Media as we opened new buildings/exhibits (such as Atlantis and recently Heroes & Legends), and expanded from audio guides into apps, hand-held multimedia devices, video, 360 photos and upgrades including GPS positioning, beacons, and other advanced technologies. The interpretive experience is stellar and I couldn’t be more proud of the stories and experiences we deliver to our guests. I also cannot say enough in this short note about the level of expertise, experience, and creative problem solving Q Media has brought to me and my team. Specifically regarding foreign languages, audio description and ASL, the mobile guide program is the primary delivery method for this content and for the last 6 years, consistently receives outstanding guest feedback. I have often relied on Q Media, and Stasha Boyd in particular, to provide guidance and expertise as we continue to reach out to under served populations, providing access to thousands of Kennedy Space Center’s foreign, blind/ low-vision, and hearing impaired guests."

- Therrin Protze, COO, Delaware North Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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