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American Undersea Warfare Center

American Undersea Warfare Center

Type of Tour

Accessibility, Interpretive

Services Rendered

Consulting, Production Services, Script Development

Type of Technology

Audio Guides

Project Description

AUWC is home to two authentic World War II Navy vessels: Submarine USS Cavalla and Destroyer Escort USS Stewart. These two historic treasures are fully accessible by visitors, but volunteer tour guides were not always available and interpretation was limited. The client sought a reliable and engaging means of telling the stories of the vessels and the brave men who served aboard them. AUWC’s leadership turned to Q Media, who ignited the process, encouraged collaboration, took over project management, developed the scripts, and kept the project on track and on schedule.

“The audio tour your team put together is exactly what we needed – conveying the rich history of both vessels in a narrated tour, but one that doesn’t require a dedicated docent to lead. Your team was exceptional and incredibly flexible and understanding of our needs. The respect and empathy with which the team approached our project set our minds at ease that we would get a high quality and appropriate end product. What we got exceeded our high standards and will provide yet another avenue for us to engage our customers. Look forward to working with you all again when we expand the tour – soon I hope!”

- Jim Andrews, President/CEO, Cavalla Historical Foundation