• A brown wooden sign with a large leaf symbol reads Adkins Arboretum

    The sign at the entrance of Adkins Arboretum.

  • 4 people, 3 women and 1 man, walk through a wooded area in heavy winter wear.

    Stasha Boyd with Adkins Arboretum staff.

  • 7 people casually dressed sit at tables arranged in a square in a white room with windows on one wall.

    QM's Stasha Boyd leads the Adkins creative team in a script development meeting.

  • A wooden bridge is seen amongst leaf-less trees in late afternoon sun with long shadows from trees crossing it.

    A bridge along the hiking trails at Adkins Arboretum.

  • Leaf-less trees stand together with a blanket of fallen colored leaves on the ground.

    A view of tress along walking trails at Adkins Arboretum.

Adkins Arboretum

A Journey Begins: Nature’s Role in the Flight to Freedom

Type of Tour


Services Rendered

Creative Direction, Production Services, Project Management, Script Development

Type of Technology

Audio Guides

Project Description

The client, Adkins Arboretum, is located in the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore near the birthplace of such legends as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. The audio tour reveals the deep connection between this specific landscape and the human experience of the Underground Railroad. This 50-minute tour through the Arboretum’s deep woods includes narration, music, sound effects, and character readings from the writings of freedom seekers.

“Immersion … with my ears … with my skin … with my imagination … with my heart. The voices tell a story that first enchanted me in grade school. I thought I could imagine the courage it took to flee through a forest or up a river. I realize I could only grasp the edges of what it meant to “seek freedom.”

- Visitor Comment

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