Who We Are

Driven by passion; fueled by creativity.

Sustained by coffee.

Mobile media visionaries.
We know the technology. We understand the possibilities.

Since 2002, Q Media has worked exclusively in the realm of mobile tours. As audio-only expanded to include more types of media (video, augmented reality, games, etc.,) and audio guides evolved into multimedia players, our focus remains on mobile.

We use our expertise to develop and deliver outstanding mobile experiences for your programs, your operations, and above all, your visitors.

Our team consists of highly creative, dedicated, service-oriented professionals. Every one of us knows what it’s like to have high expectations met with poor results because someone did not deliver on a promise, both personally and professionally. We made a commitment to each other and our clients that we’ll always deliver what we say we will.

Every member of the Q Media team shares one philosophy: to make your life easier and your outcome exceptional.

Our Leadership

Stasha Boyd

Stasha Boyd

When clients are asked why they chose Q Media, their most common answer is “Stasha gets things done.” She can best be described as the creative force within the company. Since Q Media’s inception in 2002, Stasha has written, co-written, directed, and/or produced content on every project. Stasha combines her expertise in scriptwriting with her sense of responsibility to Q Media’s clients that leads them to create stories that uphold the vision and integrity of their projects. She is also an expert on accessibility issues and prime contractors often seek her guidance on ADA related projects.*

*Experienced audio describer specializing in museums and attractions. Stasha consults on ADA issues and presents accessibility workshops as they relate to visitors with vision and hearing loss.

Mike Lutz

Mike Lutz

Mike drives technical leadership behind every Q Media production. He directs every technical and artistic aspect, in addition to all deliverables of every project and has since its inception. Clients praise Mike’s commitment to excellent service as well his “eye and ear” that ensures Q Media maximizes every production while exceeding expectations. Working across multiple platforms, content management systems, and hardware/software, Mike applies his technical proficiency and expertise to fulfill clients’ goals and mission, delivered on time and within any given budget.

Our Team

Our Contributors

Peg O’Keef

Peg O’Keef

With three decades of experience as a writer, teacher, artist, editorial consultant, and administrator, Peg has found Q Media the ideal place to pursue her life goal: “bringing powerful stories to life in the hearts and minds of an audience.” Joining Q Media in 2006 and evolving into Q Media’s lead writer/producer, her projects include Fantasy of Flight, Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden, The Ringling Museum of Art, Kennedy Space Center Atlantis Exhibit, Modernism Museum Mount Dora, MossRehab, Fort Donelson NPS, Exploration Tower, and Barry University.” She holds a BA from Rollins College and an MA from The Ohio State University.

Andrew Vietze

Andrew Vietze

Andrew Vietze is a best-selling and award winning author who has over twenty years of professional writing experience with both scriptwriting, as well as writing for tourism. He joined Q Media in 2014 as a writer for the Texas Historical Commission Project. Andrew demonstrates depth and versatility in his ability to write for various media, including guidebooks, mobile tours, and apps.

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